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Peter Hesse on his early years in war-time Germany

Peter Julius Hesse, Dipl.-Kfm. (Diplomkaufmann), Hon. Consul of Iceland
Married to Isolde Hesse. No children.
  • Born 5 April, 1937 in Port Chester, New York, from German parents. (Was) moved to Germany in July 1937.
  • After the war and a primary-school year in Geneva – followed by Schule Schloss Salem (private country-school) and one year Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass.,USA.
  • Studies in business administration and economics, University of Munich, Germany.
  • After the end of formal studies (1963) further education in Germany and England to become marketing- and management-trainer – parallel to practical learning and marketing-work in the family-business "Schmincke" artists' colors.
  • 1966-1968 Regional president of German Young-Presidents-Organization (Bundesverband Junger Unternehmer - BJU). Main activity: Testing of new advanced management-seminars.
  • 1969 Founder of "Komitee für Managementbildung in Europa" (Committee for Management-Education in Europe) - a group of 163 mostly young professionals trying to modernize formal management-education in Europe, mainly in Germany – resulting in the development of a management-education concept (4 stages: school / university / postgraduate / lifelong).
  • 1966-1970 marketing- and management-trainer in German industry and in educational institutions. Seminar-specialization in project-management, marketing-management, GRID group-dynamics and SYNECTICS creativity-training.
  • 1971-1998 President of "Schmincke"- family-business. (1999 retired to consultant status).
  • 1974 Co-Founder of "Deutsche Management Gesellschaft" (German Management Society) and publication of "Management-System".
  • 1974 (until 1983) Trainer in "fair Dialectics", group-activities and political subjects for the Christian Democratic Party – CDU – of Germany in Düsseldorf.
  • 1975/76 Candidate for Federal Parliament in the CDU (narrow miss). Since that time various political CDU-posts, -engagements and -initiatives on a local and national level, especially in the field of ONE-world development.
  • Since 1984 re-elected several times (with each new government) as a member of Federal CDU Development Commissions, "CDU Bundes Fachausschuss…(various names)" – since 2003 including human rights.
  • 1978-1987 Chairman of regional employers association of the chemical industry.
  • Since 1978 member of the board of the regional umbrella-organization of the mayor employers associations ("Unternehmerschaft Düsseldorf") in the region. 1993 Vice-President. From 2001 until April 2003 President.
  • Since 1981 poverty-fighting activities in Haiti. Initially seminars in project-management, later mainly Early Childhood Education and Development through Montessori teacher training (900+ teachers trained and help provided for the opening of over 50 preschools for poor children in Haiti).
  • 1983 Establishment of the "Peter-Hesse-Foundation SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP for ONE world in diversity".
  • 1986 Creation of the "CENTRE MONRESSORI D'HAITI" in Cap Haitien, Haiti.
  • 1988 Establishment of the Haitian NGO: "Fondation-Peter-Hesse".
  • 1988 Co-creation of German association "ONE world for ALL" (EINE Welt für ALLE).
  • Since 1988 part-time (half of year) in family-business (due to growing social engagement).
  • 1989 First "mystical" experiences, guiding messages received in meditative states of mind. The key message (one page PDF)
  • Since 1990 global activity for consciousness-building and for the promotion of early and basic education.
  • Since 1991 Honorary Consul of Iceland.
  • 1992 Foundation: Initiative Preschool Education for children in ONE world.
  • 1993-1998 Member of SOCIAL VENTURE NETWORK EUROPE.
  • 1994-2001 elected Chairman of "PARITÄT International", a network of German NGOs, working for ONE-world development.
  • Since 1995 active participation in international conferences like
    - UN Social Summit in Copenhagen (publication of 3 "SUGGESTIONS FOR ONE WORLD DEVELOMENT")
    - UNICEF and IFCW Children's Conferences
    - UN-Mid-Decade-Review EDUCATION FOR ALL, Amman, Jordan
    - STATE OF THE WORLD FORUM, San Francisco – organizing and convening roundtables on "global education" in 1995 and 1996).
  • 1996 Bypass-heart-operation – followed by the decision to quit the family-business and to concentrate on ONE-world work. Start working on book "From VISION to REALITY". End of 1998 hand-over of "Schmincke"-presidency to a successor from outside the family (Nils Knappe).
  • 1998 Member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences – IONS – California, USA.
  • 1999 Initiating regional (Düsseldorf + Neuss) IONS Community Group: NE-D-IONS.
  • 1999 Publication of book "From Vision to Reality" (Von der Vision zur Wirklichkeit).
  • 2000 Concentration on international work - mainly for the promotion of high quality Early Childhood Education and Development – mainly through work with
    - The Worldbank, Washington, DC (Introduction of the Haiti Montessori project into the Worldbank-conference "Investing in our Childrens' Future",
    - UNOPS (United Nations Office for Project Services)-conference Aid & Trade, N.Y.,
    - EXPO Hannover 2000 - as a registered "Worldwide Project Early Childhood Education" of the world exposition, Germany, displayed in the EXPO "basic-needs" thematic area, - EXPO 2000 Global Dialogues on Fighting Poverty and on Building Learning Societies.
  • Since 4 May, 2000: "NGO in SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations - ECOSOC". Since later in 2000 (until the end of 2012) member of CONGO.
  • 2001-2003 International conferences – mainly for Early Childhood Development. German representative of the W orld Forum on Early Care and Education.
  • 2003 Co-writing and publishing of the book "On the way to a Jesus of today".
  • 2002-2008 yearly participations in the "World Social Forum" in Porto Alegre, Mumbai and Nairobi. Since 2003 offering workshops on the Global Marshal Plan and a UN-reform vision.
  • Since 2003 engagement in the "Global Marshallplan Initiative" for a peaceful "world in balance" and in NGO-work for a transparent, democratic and participatory reform of the United Nations..
  • Since 2004 work on book "Effective application of funds for global development".
  • Since 2005 second residence near Annecy, France, to concentrate on work for "ONE world in diversity" - partly connected to the United Nations in Geneva through CONGO membership.
  • Representing (until 2006) the International Forum for Child Welfare (IFCW) at the UN in Geneva.
  • 2006 Publication of book "SOLIDARITÄT die ankommt" with the Global Marshallplan Initiative. Participation in the meeting of African education-ministers, "ADEA-Biennale", in Gabon – as civil member of the German government-delegation.
  • 2008 Member of "Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)". Participation in ADEA-Biennale, Maputo, Mozambique. Publication of "VISION WORKS. From vision to action. From Haiti to ONE world in diversity".
  • 2010 preoccupation with the Peter-Hesse-Foundations Haiti-projects after the Junuary earthquake.
  • 2011 move Seynod/Annecy to second French home in Paris. Participation in the third conference of the "Educateurs sans Frontières (EsF)" in Dallas, Texas.
  • 2012 reestablishing connections concerning global basic education with UNESCO in Paris. Work on redesigning the Peter-Hesse-Foundation homepage and working on the future structure of the Foundations in Germany and Haiti – the future of our work.
  • 7 December 2012 reopening the CENTRE MONTESSORI D'HAITI in Liancourt - on the 30 anniversary of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation. Presentation of a 13,5 min. film, titled: "Child-centered Education for All":

  • 2014 (October) Seminar in French in Paris "De la VISION à la RÉALITÉ" – without success.
  • 2015 New concept after learning that only concrete demand leads to success: “Management im Wandel” (“Management in transition”) – only in German and after being asked by qualified groups.
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