Definition of "DEVELOPMENT" as formulated and used by Peter Hesse:

DEVELOPMENT permanently happens in all structures from micro- to macro-cosmos, in all aspects of existance. Consciousness, values, attitudes, skills and knowledge; body, mind and spiritual insight of human individuals; all groups, nations, states and ONE world develop permanently more or less fast and consciously.
Clarification is useful in order to consciously further and co-create desired development/growth. Of special concern are all aspects of human development, from the individual to humanity as a whole.

Holistic Developement
"learn to learn" and

in a free, just and participative political framework
small credit

Guidelines for development.

An appeal to accept guidelines for civil-society and political initiatives when working for human development towards a peaceful world in balance conscious that
- stairs must be cleaned from top to bottom,
- sustainable human development must start from inside and below,
- it is a basic human right to freely develop one's full potential and that
- ALL is interconnected through a divine SPIRIT.

Guiding principles based on compassion + rationality:
- Accepting intuitive spiritual guidance realized through a rational management process with caring leadership in the spirit of partnership.
- Subsidiarity (priority for the smallest unit) making use of bottom-up creativity.

- Encouraging self-help initiatives in individual ownership but equally supporting self-help community structures.

- Transparency of all financial goals, objectives, plans and realizations.

- True marketing in serving real existing not created needs.

- Micro financing through a combination of micro-credits and micro-grants.

- Furthering early value- and capacity-development through child-centered didactical methodology resulting in motivation for life-long learning.

- Promoting individual and collective solidarity in and for ONE world in diversity.

States (and any future world government, like a "United States of Mankind"*) are responsible to protect and help those, who cannot help themselves, to promote people's respect of the "golden rule", to preserve nature and other common goods and mainly to provide a fair, legally binding and enforced order for development.
*still only a long-term perspective Peter Hesse June 2012

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One page from the book "VISION WORKS" by Peter Hesse,
25. aniversary of the Peter-Hesse-Foundation on 7 December 2008. -

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