Compassionate action is based on my permanent lifelong learning and on the acceptance of inner guidance. This leads to my political and civil "bridge building" for peace between cultures, especially between religions, to a commitment on the ground and on all levels of our ONE global humanity.

I believe that THE WHOLE (all) develops through learning.
"SOLIDARITY IN PARTNERSHIP for ONE world in diversity"
is more than a slogan, it is a guiding principle.
- Peter Hesse

6 original chapters from VISION WORKS…, 2008, by Peter Hesse:

Researching guideline for our world to heal
This chapter contains the following subtitles:
- Terms and definitions - (page 249)
- Visions, goals and objectives - (page 250)
- The Millennium Development Goals "MDG" - (page 255)
- "Heal-soving" - (page 258)
- Levels for visions - (page 260)
- The vision of a world in balance - (page 263)

More on a "world in balance" in the following
homepage-section "Global Marshall Plan" - and on:

Guidelines for "heal-solving" solidarity work - including:
The difficulty of true partnership (VISION WORKS pages 279 to 284)