Year: 2016

Astronaut visits the CENTRE MONTESSORI D’HAITI.

Students and teachers of the Montessori teacher-training centre in Liancourt, Haiti, were honoured by a visit from NASA astronaut Dr. Michael Barratt, Carol Guy-James Barratt’s brother in law, who shared his experiences as an Astronaut with them. In 2009 Dr. Barratt

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Graduation 2016

Congratulations Graduates! Another promotion of Montessori teachers prepare themselves for the task of educating Haiti’s future generation. On Saturday 9th July students celebrated their passage from students to teachers. This means that many children will benefit from a quality education

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Hurricane Matthew

The massive Hurricane Matthew severely battered the Southern region of Haiti, leaving thousands of people homeless and hundreds dead. The number of deaths is likely to rise as the flood water subsides and emergency workers are able to assess the

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2 months after the Hurricane in Bareau, Les Cayes

“Yesterday I went to our partner school in Bereau for a modest Christmas celebration. I was truly shocked to see the appalling conditions there. House after house without their roofs, broken trees and make-shift dwellings. What I felt saddest about

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