Montessori in Haiti and Côte d’Ivoire – 9 March 2010

Carol Guy-James Barratt, the Foundation’s Montessori project-coordinator, will be in our Montessori teacher training center in Côte d’Ivoire from 20.3.10 to the end of March. She will be accompanied by Willande Dorlus-Antoine, one of our Haitian teachers. Willande will spend the next three months in the Ivory Coast, training the African students who are working towards their Montessori diplomas. 

Before the earthquake Willande worked in the Montessori school in Kenskoff. She also assisted in the teacher training center in Rue Clermont, and attended Quisqueya University, pursuing a bachelor-degree in education – a study paid for by the Foundation. She has one year in which to complete her degree, after which time she would teach Montessori education courses at the University. These courses will be offered as a major in the education degree program at the University thus fulfilling the Foundation’s long-term strategy to reinforce Montessori teaching in Haiti. 

In Haiti children and students still hesitate to attend schools and universities – even in undestroyed houses – due to frequent tremors. To continue training Montessori preschool teachers in Haiti as soon as possible, we are working on the urgent need to provide a home for Montessori teacher students in Liancourt in the countryside and to replace damaged project preschools and teachers’ homes in the earthquake-area.
I can now gladly call potential supporters in Europe in the USA by phone, if I receive your numbers.

Peter Hesse